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The 6% with NancyMD

Oct 19, 2020

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Barbara Hamilton. Barbara is a mom, writer, and a leader. She’s the Chief of Interventional Radiology in Desert Regional Medical Center at Palm Springs, California.

I was so delighted to have a fellow physician on this show and being that there are very few women in the field of interventional radiology, Barbara was the perfect guest.

We talk about the need for leadership training for women, the false assumption that childbirth and childrearing is a liability, self-development tips for female leaders, and much more. 

Barbara created, a blog and a network dedicated to giving work and life advice to students, early career doctors, and premeds. She also has a book coming this October entitled Tired Superheroine's Guide to Finding Your Place in Medicine. For more information on her blog and upcoming book, click here.

Episode highlights:

  • Her childhood and how it shaped her today
  • Her biggest influences in pursuing interventional radiology
  • The importance of financial empowerment for women
  • Her inspiration for her blog’s name 
  • How she balances being both a mother and a physician
  • The value of having female colleagues in the workplace
  • Obstacles she faced throughout her training and career
  • The lack of leadership training for women
  • Advice she would give to someone who wants to enter into her field

About the guest:

Barbara Hamilton, MD is a mom, content writer, interventional radiologist, and a physician leader.

She’s the Chair of Interventional Radiology in Desert Regional Medical Center for about four years. 

Dr. Hamilton began writing for her blog, tiredsuperheroine, in October 2018.

She completed her residency in diagnostic imaging in Rhode Island Hospital in 2013 and acquired her medical degree from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in 2008.

Connect with Barbara:


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