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The 6% with NancyMD

Jul 12, 2021

Episode Overview:

Sometimes, even when you’ve reached your goal, it may not be what you were expecting. This is the case for a lot of women across male-dominated fields. They find themselves in situations where they have a seat at the table-- but that’s all it is. A seat. It takes a lot to firmly plant your spot as...

Jul 5, 2021

Episode Overview:

We all carry biases. Just because on this show, we are women that have open conversations about being in male-dominated fields, doesn’t mean that we are completely free of these biases. I never really thought of building inspectors being a male dominated field, and it wasn’t until I met Uli Sommers...

Jun 28, 2021

Episode Overview:


As young girls and products of our times, it’s not uncommon to be told not to pursue a career simply because it’s a male dominated field. Though, with the times changing and parents realising and challenging gender norms-- we have some women that now that have risen from these teachings-- proving...

Jun 21, 2021

Episode Overview:


Making a choice is not always easy, but for our guest Kendra Fischer-- it was easy to make that choice and move from figure skating into Candian Hockey.


I met Kendra on Twitter and when I first read about her and what she’s done, I knew right off the bat that she’d be perfect for this podcast!...

Jun 14, 2021


Episode Overview:


In the United States, only 2% of the population work in agriculture. The choice to join the industry though-- was easy for our guest, Stacy Mayo-Martinez.


Growing in a small town on a farm working with cattle and livestock and having a degree in agricultural communications, Stacy grew to work on...