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The 6% with NancyMD

Jan 31, 2022

Episode Overview:

The academia system can sometimes be described as archaic. There are various barriers that can deter people from success or even entry, and for minorities such as women of color and immigrants, trying to navigate such a system can be doubly difficult. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible either.

Jan 24, 2022

Episode Overview:

It can be easy to feel discouraged in a world that can be filled with strife, prejudice, and hardship. But our next guest refuses to give in to that and instead uses fashion to spread her message of love because love is a basic human right and is the one common thread that connects us all throughout...

Jan 17, 2022

Episode Overview:

“Sometimes it's really hard to convince yourself that you can do something until you've done it. It's okay to be afraid. It's okay to think that you're not strong enough as long as you try.” 

Success doesn’t always have to mean reaching those big audacious goals. It can be as simple as wanting to...

Jan 10, 2022

Episode Overview:

Pictures are worth so much more than a thousand words-- in my guest’s case, her one photo sparked a revolution and laid the tracks for millions of women around the globe, and completely flipped the running industry on its head.

This week, I’m honored to be joined by marathon legend Kathrine...

Jan 9, 2022

Episode Overview:

“I encourage young people to say ‘yes’ because earlier on. There are lots of opportunities that if you don't take them, you're gonna miss something important.”

I am thrilled to have Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick, a fellow orthopedic surgeon and trailblazer with me on the podcast. She has dedicated three...