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The 6% with NancyMD

Jan 9, 2022

Episode Overview:

“I encourage young people to say ‘yes’ because earlier on. There are lots of opportunities that if you don't take them, you're gonna miss something important.”

I am thrilled to have Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick, a fellow orthopedic surgeon and trailblazer with me on the podcast. She has dedicated three decades to her work as an orthopedic surgeon and leader to advocate for her fellow practitioners and patients. Though she didn’t have plans to become a senator, when she saw the opportunity to take her advocacy to new heights, she said yes. 

Join us as she shares with us her journey and transition into the political arena, using her background as both a physician and leader to enact change for patients and her state.


Episode Highlights:

  • Kay’s childhood and why she decided to initially pursue orthopedics
  • Being grateful for opportunities and wanting to bring other groups into the conversation
  • Her transition into politics on behalf of patients and healthcare physicians
  • The biggest adjustment she had to make shifting from orthopedics to politics
  • How she juggles her roles as an orthopedic surgeon, senator, and parent
  • Her advice for people wanting to follow in her footsteps


About the Guest:

Dr. Kay Kirkpatrick, MD, is a senator who represents the 32nd District of the Georgia State Senate. She currently serves as Chairman of the Senate Veterans, Military and Homeland Security Committee, Ex Officio of the Senate Appropriations Committee, member of the Senate Health and Human Services, Insurance and Labor, and Judiciary Committees.

She was an orthopedic hand surgeon in Atlanta for over 30 years and previously served as the President of Resurgens Orthopaedics. She now serves as a District Coordinator for the Medical Association of Georgia's Medical Reserve Corps and is committed to helping Georgia respond to disasters and emergencies.

She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky and her medical degree from the University of Louisville. She and her husband, an emergency physician, have two children together.  


Connect with Dr. Kay:


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