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The 6% with NancyMD

Jan 17, 2022

Episode Overview:

“Sometimes it's really hard to convince yourself that you can do something until you've done it. It's okay to be afraid. It's okay to think that you're not strong enough as long as you try.” 

Success doesn’t always have to mean reaching those big audacious goals. It can be as simple as wanting to be better than who you were or where you were yesterday. It’s alright to feel scared or second guess yourself; so long as you don’t give up, you will always have the power and choice to succeed.

Joining me for this episode is stuntwoman and top Ninja Warrior competitor, Jessie Graff.  A champion is never without setbacks, both physical and emotional, but with Jessie’s drive to learn and grow, she continues to overcome them while shattering everyone else’s expectations, including her own.

Jessie’s story is an inspiring one and I am excited to be able to share it with all of you so don’t forget to tune in!


Episode Highlights:

  • Jessie’s early journey pursuing gymnastics to becoming a stunt double
  • How she bounces back from pain and injury both physically and emotionally
  • Seeing the upside of setbacks  
  • The people she looks up to as her heroes
  • Success shouldn’t be strictly defined by solely reaching a goal
  • How she defied her own expectations as a Ninja Warrior
  • Her advice for those who admire her


About the Guest:

Jessie Graff, one of the top competitors on NBC's "American Ninja Warrior," is a modern-day Wonder Woman, breaking stereotypes and breaking records. Graff became the first woman to complete stage 1 of the “American Ninja Warrior” Las Vegas national finals in 2016, becoming a national sensation and breaking news phenomenon. In the original version of Ninja Warrior, “Sasuke”, she is the second woman to accomplish the same feat in season 34 of Sasuke, and she is still the only woman to complete stage 2 in any version of Ninja Warrior and Sasuke.

Graff attributes much of her success on American Ninja Warrior's seemingly impossible obstacles to her decade-long stunt career. Her credits include Wonder Woman, Bright, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Die Hard, The Dark Knight, and being a recurring double on Supergirl, Futureman, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Leverage, and many more. She was awarded the Action Icon Award for "Stuntwoman of the Year."

Graff's journey began at the age of three when she went to the Big Apple Circus and begged the ringmaster to let her try. The experience ignited a desire to fly high and push herself beyond others’ expectations. Her parents signed her up for circus gymnastics classes which led to training in various acrobatic and fitness disciplines, developing her strength, agility, and adaptability. Jessie currently lives in Los Angeles and hopes that she can serve as a positive influence and show the world that strong is beautiful.


Connect with Jessie:


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