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The 6% with NancyMD

Feb 7, 2022

Episode Overview:

Society is plagued with biases and preconceived notions, with certain groups more vulnerable to it than others and Kelly is no stranger to all of this. From biased judges to screaming fellow attorneys, she managed to stand her ground and maintain a strong sense of identity through it all.

Thanks to her resilience, backed by a supportive family and community of women, she was able to take her foothold in this world and establish herself as a practicing attorney with more than 20 years of experience under her belt. Kelly shares her vision for a society that can genuinely support one another. Through this, she founded Ladies Who Leverage, a community of women entrepreneurs who empower and help each other build their businesses and brands.

Tune into this week’s episode as we discuss how to uproot these biases and what it means to unapologetically be yourself.


Episode Highlights:

  • Kelly’s childhood and becoming an attorney
  • How bias and stereotypes shaped her as a person
  • How she navigated parenthood as a single working mother
  • Her experiences with bias and racism as an attorney
  • Her advocacy for “Bystander Intervention”
  • Ladies for Leverage and the importance of community


About the Guest:

Kelly Charles-Collins is CEO of HR Legally Speaking, LLC and founder of Ladies Who Leverage, a global collabosourcing community of business women whose mission is to empower women to live life ‘unapologetically AF.’

A powerhouse attorney and expert on disrupting unconscious bias, bystander intervention, and workplace investigations. Kelly leverages her 20+ years of employment law experience, intuitive perspective, and engaging personality to empower leaders to stay on the right side of the next #hashtag movement.

A sought-after authority around the country, audiences discover how unconscious bias and indifference can stifle potential and cause legal issues to pop up in the most unexpected ways.

Kelly’s presentations are interactive and thought-provoking. Through stories and her real-world experience, Kelly equips participants with realistic, practical tools they can implement immediately to overcome challenges in their workplace. But she’s not all business – you never know when there’ll be music and dancing.


Connect with Kelly:


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