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The 6% with NancyMD

May 8, 2020

The 6%" is a podcast dedicated to women thriving in traditionally male-dominated fields. As a female orthopaedic surgeon, I belong to the 6% that are women in this field - and thus the inspiration for the title.

The birth of this podcast came about when I was at an airport and saw a female commercial airline captain. Though I didn't know her, I wanted to talk to her and ask her all about her life and path - and I wanted to hug her, knowing she likely experienced many of the same challenges that I had. I realized that across disciplines and careers, we have parallel experiences and struggles in following our passions. My audience includes women and men who enjoys hearing inspiring stories of grit, perseverence, resiliency, but I also hope to inspire the next generation of women surgeons, scientists, firefighters, engineers, CEOs.

I’m Dr. Nancy Yen Shipley, and in every episode, you’ll get to hear inspiring stories of women who are thriving in male-dominated fields, and how they were able to realize their goals and overcome the challenges that they’ve faced.  In "The 6%", I talk to women about how they arrived at their careers, and the facets of their lives that brought them there. We talk about imposter syndrome, microagressions, barriers to entry, pay gap, mentoring, obstacles and failures - more importantly, how we get up from those failures.

We all need motivating and inspiring stories to keep us going, especially during these unprecedented times.

In this kick-off episode, I’m going to share my story on how I became an orthopaedic surgeon and overcame the challenges of being in a male-dominated field.

Join me on this journey as we empower each other to persevere and stay resilient in tough times while fostering and guiding the next generation of leaders to stay on the right path.


Episode Highlights:

  • Why The 6%
  • What inspired me to pursue orthopedic surgery
  • What it’s like to work in a male-dominated field
  • Breaking norms and overcoming challenges



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